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Digital TV: Opt for a crisp and vibrant viewing February 25, 2008

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Entertainment is increasingly becoming digital. This trend has been driven by digital technologies like digital screen, television, calculators and many more. The primary incentive of extension for entering in the digital world domain is its high-end efficiency. To give a manifestation to this is a digital TV, on which one can view four to six TV channels with an excellent picture quality and sound clarity.


Today, watching movies, pictures or soap opera on the digital TV gives a phenomenal experience. The latest mode of digital viewing has brought a revolution in the analog TV market, as the preferences of the users have changed. The age-old analog TV is phased out as digital transmission of signal is the current trend and provides an excellent picture clarity. The digital TV boasts of a high picture quality as it is backed with the options of sharpness, colour, brightness and other details. Therefore, users enjoy continuous viewing as analog signals get transmitted into digital ones in a very short-span of time.

The wide screen of the Digital Television offers high resolution as it comes in a pack of a greater number of pixels compared to analog TV. Thereby, the screen that offers more pixels will support a better picture quality and resolution of the picture. Unlike traditional TVs, users experience realistic viewing, excellent sound quality and it is also potentially packed with more programming options. For this reason, the digital television is in a great demand among many families across the world.
Onto the digital screen, the televised information can be send more efficiently in the digital format. The screen of a digital television is slimmer and thinner compared to an analog TV. As a matter of fact, a digital TV uses digital modulation data, which is digitally compressed and requires decoding by a specially designed TV set or a PC fitted with a television card. Well, sending content in digital compressed increases the productivity of images. Not only does it enhance the productivity, but also gives access to a large number of free and paid channels. The providers offer a wide range of free channels, and for subscription to more channels, one can opt for pay-per-view programs and movies of their choice.


Digital satellite televisions are based on the digital transformation of signals; this means that users have access to more channels and programs as they are transmitted over the same cable. The best part of using a digital television over the analog one is that it consumes very little bandwidth space compared to an analog viewing device. A digital satellite TV system allows users to view a wider range of satellite TV channels and programs. Therefore, viewing on a satellite TV gives a well-rounded viewing pleasure. The users can record a complete series of programs onto the satellite receiver box which is backed with a hard drive. The technology in the latest televisions is so advanced that it has made the whole viewing experience revolutionary. While availing the digital television, users must get the entire package that includes a digital television with satellite dish and receiver.

Considering the fact that digital television demand is increasing with time, people are truly living in the digital era. People all over the world are replacing their analog TV set with a digital television, as it provides a better viewing experience. Before buying the digital TV, users must analyse two parameters, i.e., the type of screen display and audio system. The most popular type of digital televisions are Plasma, LCD, and DLP.



1. MW - March 4, 2008

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