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Samsung E250 : Promises Latest Technology February 25, 2008

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Samsung always has been in the headlines for its capability in bringing out new models of handsets in to the mobile phone market. Each and every model that came out from Samsung had something new to say. From the astounding looks to user-friendly features, these models really had something new and special to offer. When the news on the launch of the new E250 handset from Samsung came out, there was a sudden curiosity among the users. Thanks to their early version mobile phones.


The Samsung E250 mobile phone with attractive looks and user friendly features really swept the market, coming with a smooth slide opening mechanism that will provide a largecolour screen viewing, even in the slide closed position of the handset, With bevelled edges and a tactile coating, the handset arrives in a choice of colours including misty silver, ebony black, cherry pink and apple green that makes it look good in hands. If looking for a handset that will be comfortable and easy to hold in hand, then this model from Samsung weighing eighty grams is the best. Yes, the measurement of 14 x 99 x 50mm makes it too easy to carry in pocket. Most of the users generally look for a handset that could store all the required information in it. With 10Mbytes of built-in memory that could be expended as per the user’s requirements, the Samsung E250 mobile phone emerges as the best model in the market.


The 2 inch screen provides an excellent viewing experience with a 128 x 160 pixel screen resolution which is an asset of the mobile phone. The features including a built-in VGA camera, WAP internet browser, and phone-caller identification feature are its attractive characteristics. The phone also carries connectivity features including EDGE technology, USB cable connectivity and Bluetooth technology. I believe that this is definitely one handset for those who need style and functionality rolled in one.



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