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Tom Tom Go 720 – The Portable Navigation System February 25, 2008

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Tom Tom Go 720 is a portable navigation system that is perfect for being used in cars and other vehicles. It is slick in looks and innovative in capabilities; and is gradually becoming very much popular among busy professionals and globe trotting executives.
This navigation system comes with a 4.3 inch WQVGA antiglare touchscreen. The keyboard is virtual and comes with keys that are spaced well – making the gadget easy to use. The Tom Tom Go 720 is also Bluetooth enabled. Moreover, users of this high-end navigation system are more than happy with its innovative multimedia capabilities that augments its popularity quite significantly. With a weight of 7.7 ounces, it is quite easy to carry the device from one place to another. The images are bright and sharp – thanks to the high resolution screen. The gadget is available in three colours, namely, black, silver and charcoal.

The “Map Share” feature of this navigation device ensures that people on the move are not constrained while they are trying to move from one place to another. Users can update their maps – depending on additional information. They can also download maps that have been updated and shared by other users – this creates a database of sorts and people can make the most of common knowledge. There is a team of experts that ensure that only legitimate data gets updated.


The device is quite useful as it comes with additional information pertaining to the location of ATMs, hospitals, hotels, cinema halls and parks. The directions are easy to comprehend which make the gadget quite easy to use. Immediate knowledge of police stations, hospitals or car service centres is possible. There is a special “Help me” button that can be accessed for this purpose. People in unknown cities and locations can make the most of features such as “Where am I;”the device would give you the name of the street that they are in.


The Tom Tom Go 720 is a portable navigation system that is both innovative and easy to use. A 4.3 inch WQVGA antiglare touchscreen, Bluetooth compatibility, and features such as “Map Share” make this gadget the perfect travel companion.



1. KonGz - May 13, 2008

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2. Epsilon - May 13, 2008

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