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LG KU 990 Viewty : A brief Review February 26, 2008

Posted by mobilephoneguy in LG KU 990 Viewty, mobile phones.

If we think that the mobile phones are just a device that is being used for communicating with each other then i find ourselves wrong. Mobile Phones are now a days not just a device but as a friend and much more. we generally spent more of the time with our mobile phones that are the mediator between our loved ones.


If we will talk about the olden days when talking on the phone was too much expensive and was not affordable to each and every people but the technological revolutions had proved the dream. Now mobile phone is not just a device but the symbol of status. Now i will talk about the latest mobile phone launches. Actually each individual has their own interest and choices. Somebody will be loving LG Products, somebody Nokia products but there is no such gurantee that the individul will stick to the choice forever either newly launched products from some other manufacturer or the manufacturer we are not going to choose are producing best selling products. So i wants to say just here that the choice and the availability of the products are ever changing.


I was also a very fun loving of nokia mobile phones but when i used some very awkward handsets from nokia , i forget to see daydreaming about such an handsets from nokia. I am not committing that all the products from nokia are not good but only some mobile phones i used were not functioning as i was ever heard.

When i seen the LG Viewty, i really stunned . The looks, portability and the camera resolution. What a phone i have ever seen. I decided to buy it in first sight. Here i wants to tell that what are the best features i have noticed in LG KU990 viewty…

Camera: 5 Mega pixel camera. Pictures are comparable to a good 2MP phone camera, but with better resolution. This doesn’t necessarily mean better quality, just the noise is a little better. You need a good lightening with the flash.

Bluetooth: Bloetooth works fine but is not compatible with Tom Tom. Bluetooth perform easy data transfer.

Touch Pad: Quite tricky to use. You will be able to know more when use yourself.

MP3 Support: Good, as you would expect with headphones supplied, but you can use your own with the nice inclusion of a standard 3.5mm headphone jack in the audio cord that plugs into the phone.

Now the brief review is over. I still think that i have done a good deal with My LG Viewty. Rest will be in front of me in next couple of months and then i will be able to give complete review and suggestions .



1. Selena | Cell Phones - May 7, 2008

Absolutely Right!!! LG Viewty is the perfect way to have all the features in a single cell phone.

2. Brodit - May 14, 2008

Very true LG Viewty has got everything and its price is also comparitveely less than most other phones having related features:)

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