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Nokia N95 8GB- Satisfying All With It’s Amazing Features February 27, 2008

Posted by mobilephoneguy in mobile phones, nokia N95 8GB.

Nokia is one of the most reliable brands that has succeeded in capturing a big chunk of market. I personally prefer the nokia mobile phones as they provide efficient battery that enables the users to talk with their friends for long hours. Nokia always comes up with its latest models to sustain in the cut throat competition. Among the latest models of Nokia mobile phones the Nokia N95 8GB is considered the best. It appeared perfectly on time and allows users to perform all their official and personal works at ease.


The most amazing feature of this handset is its storage capacity. The 8GB embedded memory of this handset is more than enough to store all all important official files. The best feature that comes built-in with this handset is its media player. It helps the user to drive away all his boredom. This amazing mobile phone comes with an incorporated 5 mega pixel camera that enables the user to click photographs wherever and whenever she or he wants. The Carl Zeiss optics further enhances the capabilities of this camera handset. This feature enabled me to capture and store high digital quality photographs. Every user who has the minimum sense of photography can explore his skills with this camera phone.


The Nokia N95 8GB is further enhanced with the unique GPS navigation feature. This feature permits the users to travel anywhere and explore new places without any fear of getting lost as it has the ability to support the maps of about 100 different countries. This is a very stylish two way slider handset that comes with a wide screen of about 2.6 inch screen that displays the images on a screen with a resolution of 240×320 pixels. As this handset weighs only 120 gms it becomes very easy to handle it.

The music player feature of this handset enabled me to hear my favorite tracks anywhere and anytime. This music player supports the popular music formats such as MP3, AAC, AAC+ etc. The connectivity options that come in built with this handset are the best and the device is sure to give stiff competition to other mobile phone brands. This handset facilitates all official work of the users as it enables them to access their preferred Web pages throughout the day.



1. niharika chhabra - August 20, 2008

ya,, its very stylish and cool mob i really would like to buy this but i dont have much budget

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