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Samsung Armani V/S LG Viewty – Do A Mindstorming Session Before Buying March 5, 2008

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The Samsung Armani is the latest mobile phone that has good designer looks and amazing functions launched in UK mobile phones market. At the same time a renouned brand “LG” is also with it’s LG Viewty which is a very hot mobile phone all around the world. So if we think that the competition is tough , obviously it’s tough but what are the major factors which will affect the mobile phones and it’s users who are just wish to buy one and which mobile phone they will choose finally.


A lot of mobile phone reviews are there on several review websites but the confusion is still persistent that which mobile phone to buy?The war of selection between Samsung Armani V/S LG Viewty KU990.


Here we have to discuss a brief comparative analysis for Samsung Armani and LG Viewty KU 990.

  • Design : Many camera phones take good pictures but don’t look that great themselves — fortunately the LG KU990 Viewty is not an ugly camera phone. In fact, we can go so far as to say it’s one of the best-looking camera phones on the other hand Samsung Armani phone feels solid and definitely looks the part. On the front, there’s a relatively large touchscreen with mechanical end and send keys at the bottom. The casing is made out of metal, which adds to the solid feel and it’s weighted just right — not to heavy and not too light.
  • Features : KU990’s screen is very responsive and can be set to vibrate when you touch it, which provides more tactile feedback than when you simply tap a flat display while Samsung Armani 3-megapixel camera with LED photo light, an MP3 player, an Internet browser and EDGE (2.75G), that’s about it in terms of headline features.
  • Performance : Audio quality during calls is loud and clear without any noticeable distortion or muffling. The loudspeaker is loud and video calling works relatively well, particularly because of the large screen while Samsung Armani Audio quality from the music player is sufficient but because you can’t use your own headphones, we really didn’t like using it that much — the proprietary headphones don’t give out a great sound.

So the competitive analysis will defenitely give a brief overview that which is the better one. Hope the competition between these mobile phones will be a bit resolved and the final decisios will be highly influenced.



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