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Sony Ericsson S500i V/S Sony Ericsson W850i March 17, 2008

Posted by mobilephoneguy in mobile phones, sony ericsson mobile phones.

There is not a major different as such between these two models of s and w series mobile phones from sony ericsson but here is the brief comparison between these.

Design: Sony Ericsson S500i comes in a slide open design. Users could take their pick from two very attractive colours in which the S500i is available – green and spring yellow. A sleek keypad adds substantially to the handset’s visual appeal. Small in profile and slim in its dimensions, this Sony Ericsson mobile phone is quite handy in day-to-day use. A large 262k colour screen makes the images, messages and other content look all the more attractive.



Where as Sony Ericsson w850i is a slide open mobile phone – that is sleek in its looks. The aesthetic design of the handset is amplified through a 262k colour TFT screen.

Functionality: Among the multimedia capabilities, one needs to mention the integrated 2 mega-pixel digital camera with dedicated menus and 4x digital zoom. One could use the advanced imaging capabilities of the Sony Ericsson S500i for image capture, video recording, video streaming and video playback.
One could use the handset to download and enjoy favourite music tracks using the integrated Bluetooth stereo A2DP. Three clicks of a button is all it takes to download the best songs and music tracks. Multimedia messaging, email access, and text messaging ensure that one remains connected with near and dear ones – across the globe. Fast paced data transfer is also possible using EDGE and Bluetooth technology.



Capturing impressive images comes quite easily with this mobile. An integrated 2 mega pixel digital camera is perfect for all those magical moments – that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. Great pictures are ensured through features such as 4 x digital zoom and photo light.
Exhaustive connectivity options ensure that this mobile is a great gadget for staying connected with friends and family members. This mobile phone is 3G enabled. In addition, Bluetooth, GPRS, Infrared, UMTS, Fast Port, PC Synchronisation and USB are the other connectivity options that are available in the handset. One could use a second VGA camera for making video calls – and see the expressions on faces of people that they are talking to – over large distances and in real time. Moreover, one could also use the handset to access the internet and that too at very high speeds.



1. kay - March 17, 2008

Which one do you prefer ?

2. Ashi - March 18, 2008

new sleek designs are no longer the only reason that attracts people to buy a cell phone..today its all about advertising and marketing and virgin mobile videos surely proves my point. http://www.virginmobile.in/thinkhatke/

3. perrywilliams - March 19, 2008

I will prefer Sony Ericsson W850i.

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