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Nokia N Series mobile Phone Family March 19, 2008

Posted by mobilephoneguy in mobile news, mobile phone comparisons.

Nokia Mobile Phones have a lot of models and variants in it’s stock which are really wondering the mobile phone world with it’s features. N series mobile phones have some great mobile phones as Nokia N70 , Nokia N71 , Nokia N81 , Nokia N82 , Nokia N95 , Nokia N95 8GB and nokia N81 8Gb.


All are serving the mobile phone industry in the best way ever and a step ahead from all other competitors Motorola , LG , Samsung and Sony Ericsson. If we talk about the features and specifications of all these then we will find that they have some common in all like camera , bluetooth , microsd memory , mp3 and FM.

Some mobile phones from other mobile phone manufacturers like Samsung Armani , LG KU990 Viewty , Sony Ericsson K850i are also have great features.

Finally the nokia N series family has some superstars playing the tough game with it’s competitors and hope the fight will increase new members in the family.



1. Moz - March 20, 2008

This is true, Nokia N series family is more popular than any other mobile phone manufacturers. They are leading with the rapidly growing their cell’s series and feature along the updating features and performance of their existing brands.

2. lisa - April 10, 2008

Am still trying to figure out which one is best out of these. Its quite confusing for the buyer when he goes out to purchase the cellphone.

Lorico Lemorai - October 28, 2009

yes my idea same as you

N81 its my favorite

3. ??? - July 29, 2008

N82 is the best phone evar!!

4. Tiger-com - August 7, 2008

N95 is the most popular phone in my office among the colleagues.

5. Pickle - August 11, 2009

N 95’s da bomb

6. Asif Khan - September 8, 2009

i am seksy 😛 Asif Khan from Rawalpindi 😛

7. malek razzouk - September 21, 2009

nokia is the bust in world

8. bermoda - October 11, 2009

nokia n73music edition is a best mobile phone

9. sidi adams - October 12, 2009

nokia n73 is the best it has a very clear camera

10. rahul sen - October 13, 2009

my n97 rocks!

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