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Samsung Armani – The Fashionable Origin March 21, 2008

Posted by mobilephoneguy in mobile news, mobile phone comparisons, Samsung Armani.

Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani has been announced some electronics products with the tie up with Korea’s Samsung Technologies. The fashion is now spread all over and the mobile phones are all time friend for all of us then why should not the mobile phones also be fashionable? So the thought came into existance and the result produced the latest and hot Samsung Armani.


Here is the original words from Chief Executive Officer Of Giorgio Armani –

Today fashion has expanded to encompass our way of life, not just how we dress, but how we design our home, the hotels we stay in, the car we drive and the technology we buy. In fact, we make as much of a personal statement with the mobile phones that we carry or the televisions we have in our living rooms as we do with the shoes and bags we wear or the furnishings we chose to place in our homes. These are all lifestyle decisions, where design and performance are the criteria. Samsung has successfully anticipated the growing role for consumer electronics in our lives, while recognising the importance of self-expression in the development of its products.

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1. TraveloVacations - March 22, 2008

Excellent! it’s really nice to know that I’m not alone on a lot of these things.

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