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iPod Touch – The Touch Screen Gadget April 21, 2008

Posted by mobilephoneguy in Apple iPod.

The iPod Touch launched by Apple Inc. is a marvelous gadget with touch screen option for accessing and opening icons, programs and files in the format of one’s choice. This iPod comes with a stylus that aids in pinpointing at the screen for opening particular folders, files and getting to view the messages. This digital music player has some very innovative features incorporated in it that allow the users to access music as well as video clips and picture files. One can enjoy music belonging to different genres in quite a few of the popular formats that is currently available. The capability to play video clips is no less amazing. And the power to access the Internet is like the icing on the cake. For young and fun loving users, this gadget is like a dream come true. The images get displayed on the large 3.5 inch multi-touch display screen that is capable of giving a resolution of 480 x 320 pixels.

This iPod touch comes with very neat dimensions. It measures 4.3 inches in height, 2.4 inches in width, 0.31 inches in depth and 120 grams in weight. It comes in a kit where one finds earphones, dock adaptor, polishing cloth, earphones, USB cable and quick start guide The gadget is very adept for people who want things in a compact form. As the device is connected with networks such as Wi-Fi, so it is possible to use it for the purpose of accessing the Internet even when one is on a move in a car or in a metro train. The WAP browser is a good option for surfing of the net and visiting various sites. One so can select items and download them for future use. The photo support and video support allows the users to view pictures and videos in all the popular formats on the screen of the device.

iPod Touch

The memory of the iPod varies as one goes to its higher version. It, however, has 1 GB memory space and the memory of the other sets ranges from 6 GB to 8 GB. The battery of the device gives 22 hrs of music playback and 5 hrs of video playback.



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2. Buy iPod Touch - April 30, 2008

I just received a 16GB touch for my birthday, but unfortunately I have about 20 GB of music/videos etc. I expect this number to grow, so I am considering exchanging the 16GB touch for a 80GB classic for the greater storage capacity. I am still undecided because I really like the wifi and other added features of the touch. However, I also have an Eee PC, which is really enough to fulfill my portable wifi and web needs. Still, the touch has many more features over the classic. Which should I get? Thanks for the help!

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