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Latest Nokia V/S LG Mobiles – Phones That Are Eminent May 8, 2008

Posted by mobilephoneguy in mobile phone comparisons, mobile phones.

The competition between the latest Nokia Phones vs. LG mobile phones is getting more and more intense. The handsets from both these well-known brands differ in style and design; they are good for connectivity purposes as well. Both the company launches handsets that are the best in the market and are facilitated with features such as high resolution cameras and music players. Both these leading manufacturers are known to launch various designs in mobiles such as clamshell, slide open and flip open to attract the fashion conscious users.

The handsets of Nokia and LG are good for storing files as they have large memory support that can extend up to 8 GB. The mobiles of LG in general are slim as compared to the ones from Nokia Phones. The Nokia gadgets are larger but they pose a very authentic feel when held in hand. I personally find the technology in these phones quite prominent with the integrated cameras delivering sharp pictures, the music players giving clear sound, and the connectivity options being well defined. However, the LG phones too have marvelous camera options, high-end music players and FM radios. These models are compact and the best example of it is the LG Viewty. Nokia is known for sets such as Nokia N95 8GB phone.

Most of the phones from these two brands work on 2G as well as 3G networks. These mobiles are also GSM enabled and so allow the users to carry them to any place in the world and yet remain connected. The battery life extends to providing long hours of talktime and standby time. Wireless transfer of files is made a reality due to the presence of connectivity options such as Bluetooth in these handsets.



1. inder - May 8, 2008

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