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Latest Nokia Slider Phones May 22, 2008

Posted by mobilephoneguy in mobile news, mobile phones.

The slider phones from Nokia have revolutionised the way people would love to connect to others by using a gadget that actually slides to open up. These marvelously designed mobile phones of Nokia would remain indisputable leaders for some years to come. The best part of these slider phones is that when they are closed, the mobile would become so compact that it could even be accommodated in a child’s pocket.

The slide open phones are made feature rich by Nokia as they are endowed with high resolution cameras, excellent music players and large screens. Phones like the Nokia 6265i, Nokia 6270 and Nokia 6280 are very good examples of slide open mobiles. In the N-series phones, one gets to see handsets such as Nokia N95 8GB that is made in the same fashion style and it slides to open up. So, you can expect to find the best of Nokia mobile phones being manufactured in this design. These handsets can make people crazy at the very first sight of the phones. I have seen people visiting show rooms of Nokia with a deep desire to buy slide open phones. People who have brought these phones have only praise stories to narrate to others. The Nokia gadgets are marvelous and the slider phones maintain their individual high positions.

The slider phones are known to have large memory and the gadgets are furnished with battery that gives long hours of standby time and talktime. So, these mobiles can be used to store large files and have the competence of providing long hours of service.



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