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Stylish Nokia Prism Phones May 23, 2008

Posted by mobilephoneguy in mobile phones, nokia mobile phones.

The Nokia prism phones boast of fascinating qualities that are quite similar to that of an actual prism. The keypads are cut into a stylish diamond shape pattern. Therefore, with the intuitive design and looks, the phones from this series, easily dominate over competitors. The mobile phones categorized under ‘Prism’ are empowered with advanced technology as well. The Nokia 7900 and Nokia 7500 are members of this series.

nokia 7500 prism

The scintillating looks of Nokia 7500 Prism appeals a lot to the users. Among the Prism category, this handset is widely talked about because it is packed with stunning features and functionalities. The MP3 player, 2 inch OLED display, digital camera are some of the best features that it holds. As far as connectivity options are concerned, the mobile phone is backed with USB, EDGE and GPRS technology. The MicroSD card slot provides enough space for storing video clips, music tracks, pictures and content on this stylish prism phone.

prism phones

On other hand, the cutting-edge design with anodized and diamond-cut patterns on an aluminum back cover defines Nokia 7900 Prism. It is enriched with high quality MP3 player, FM radio, massive internal memory and a 2 megapixel camera. As a matter of fact, this prism phone is aimed at the fashion conscious users with a blend of distinctive style and utility. One can enjoy fast web browsing, quick downloads and hassle-free connectivity with 3G capabilities.To conclude, it can be said that prism collection combines striking diamond shaped keys and unique geometric design with state-of-art technologies. These phones are designed keeping ‘fashion conscious’ users in mind.



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