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Why We Buy iPod Touch 32GB? May 27, 2008

Posted by mobilephoneguy in Apple iPod.

With the release of the iPod touch 32GB in September 2007, Apple again shook the world with a new masterpiece. Some people were very sceptical because they already owned an iPhone which seemed to offer the same applications but without the phone features such as Bluetooth or a camera. So why would it be interesting to buy iPod touch 32GB?

1. First of all Apple features again its revolutionary multi touch user interface. Besides the two control switches, one power switch and one Home button, everything else can be accessed via this touch screen. On the Home screen, a 3,5 inch wide display, you can browse with the touch of your fingers through music, photos and videos
2. The new iPod touch 32GB owns now the best application ever: Mail. It is very easy to set up and makes this iPod a true Internet device. The virtual keyboard displayed on the touch screen is simple to use too.
3. Besides being a regular iPod, this iPod touch 32GB contains a WiFi device that enables you to browse the Safari web wherever you are. Zoom in and out of pages very easily with this hand-held device!
4. Applications that the iPhone is missing are now available on the iPod touch 32GB: Maps, Notes, Weather and Calender entries. Compare as well the 16GB iPhone capacity versus the 32GB of this new iPod , and you know why it is so desirable to buy iPod touch 32GB.
5. When you already own a mobile phone with its monthly contract, why bother to buy the iPhone but opt instead for this have it all device that offers you so much more: What to think about downloading movies from the built-in iTunes WiFi music store, or browse through the new releases or the Top 10. With a single tap you can catch up with your favorite TV shows anywhere!

Without any doubt the new iPhone touch 32GB is one of its kind. And with the free release of the beta iPhone SDK (Software Development Kit) in March, even more applications are offered for users of the iPod touch 432GB (and for iPhone users too).




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