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HTC Phones – Gen Next Mobiles June 5, 2008

Posted by mobilephoneguy in mobile phones.

The HTC S310 Black mobile phone is the latest arrival from the lineage of HTC that has already succeeded in bringing out excellent models in the market. The mobile phone comes with many advanced features that make it an instant hit with mobile users all around the world.

HTC Phone

HTC, one of the biggest groups among mobile phone manufacturers has previously come out with handsets that were really attractive and technologically innovated. The handsets from the lineage of HTC never failed in attracting a huge market share and the S310 Black, the latest model, is also no exception. If you are about to purchase a new mobile phone, then it is better at any cost to opt for the new HTC S310 Black mobile phone as it is simply gorgeous and stunning. Definitely, any mobile phone will claim of itself to be better than the competitor. But in this case, it is not the same. A brief look on the features of the handset will make it sure why there is a heavy demand for the model.

HTC With Case

This model from HTC is really appealing in design. The handset with black and silver trim around the screen and edges is really attractive. The charming design plays an important role in attracting the beauty loving phone users. The interesting part relating to the color is the availability of options. The user can choose the handset either in black or grey color as per his preference. Now, it is time to look at the comfortable handling facility of the mobile phone. The real light weight handset of 105 grams is too comfortable and easy for the user to hold in hand. Yes, no doubt, the 108 x 47 x 18.5mm dimensions make it easy to hold in hand and dial a call or receive one. If looked at the physical structure, then you can easily understand the user friendly features available in the handset.

Latest HTC Phones

The front fascia of the model is occupied by the screen along with two button blanks. Talking about the number pad, it could be seen that HTC has taken a lot of care in placing the buttons. They had made it as big as possible and have kept it in such a way that it could be felt independently of each other. The HTC S310 Black mobile phone comes with a large navigation pad that is slightly placed up from the surroundings that would make it easy to locate and use. The phone also has buttons on the left and right side that would make it easy to access Windows Mobile Smart phone soft-menus.



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