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ASUS EEE PC Anounced June 7, 2008

Posted by mobilephoneguy in Accessories and Gadgets.

Asus has anounced it’s recent notebook PC “Asus Eee PC“. The first review is being published on the courtesy of http://www.notebookreview.com. The original stuff is here –

The Asus Eee PC 701 notebook was officially announced at the beginning of June at Computex Taipei. Today I met with Asus to get a close-up look at this new device and talk more about the company’s goals with it. If Asus really can pull off selling this device for $250, it could be a very tempting companion PC for on the go.

First of all, here’s a quick look at the specs the Asus Eee offers:

* Display: 7″
* Processor: Intel mobile CPU (Intel 910 chipset, 900MHz Dothan Pentium M)
* Memory: 512MB RAM
* OS: Linux (Asus customized flavor)
* Storage: 8GB or 16GB flash hard drive
* Webcam: 300K pixel video camera
* Battery life: 3 hours using 4-cell battery
* Weight: 2lbs
* Dimensions: 8.9 in x 6.5 in x 0.82 in – 1.37 in (width x depth x thickness)
* Ports: 3 USB ports, 1 VGA out, SD card reader, modem, Ethernet, headphone out, microphone in

The Asus Eee uses a Linux based OS that Asus has customized themselves. Combine a small Linux footprint OS with a flash based hard drive and what results is this speedy startup that the device has. Just because the OS is light doesn’t mean it doesn’t do much. There’s a ton of software features on board that will most definitely serve all of your basic needs. You can browse the web using FireFox, use Skype with the built-in web cam and microphone, open Word and Excel docs and edit them, view photos, listen to music files, use AOL IM, MSN messenger or just about any other major chat client via Kopete. In other words, all the basic functions you perform on a PC you can do on the Eee PC.



You already know the bootup time is fast, and I’m happy to say that not once did I ever see an hour glass (or, whatever might indicate “waiting” in this Linux OS) when opening an application. Everything was just instant.

Software and OS

The home screen is very simple and intuitive. You bootup and see the “Internet” tab where you can quickly double click on any icon there to open an application related to the Internet. Double clicking on “Web” launches FireFox for instance.

EEE PC From Asus


The keyboard is definitely small and takes some getting used to, I initially found that pecking at keys was faster than doing a normal style fast type. It’s just hard not to fat finger the wrong key or two keys at once, even if you have medium sized fingers.


The screen is no 300nit glossy display, but it’s absolutely serviceable. Brightness is perfect and coloration is decent.

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