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iPod classic: The ultimate boss July 26, 2008

Posted by mobilephoneguy in Apple Products, mobile news.

The iPod classic is a stylish and trendy portable media player which has been designed and produced by Apple Inc. Till date there are six generations of the iPod classic ,and a spin-off which was later re incorporated in the main classic genre. All these generations are enhanced with 1.8 inch hard disk drive basically for the purpose of storing. Actually the term ‘classic’ was used with the inception of the sixth-generation of iPod classic during the month of September on 2007. But before this iPod classics were simply called iPods.

The iPod classic is adorned with vibrant colour displays and uses text and graphics along with mesmerising sliding animations. Basically the iPods designed by the Apple come with incorporated five buttons, but due to the up-gradation process these buttons in the later generations have been enhanced with a click wheel design that efficiently offers a minimalist and uncluttered interface. What is more these systems are adorned with an advanced operating system which is actually stored on the dedicated storage medium. However all the models from the genre of classic iPod come with 32 MB of RAM, while the 80 and 60 GB fifth generations come with 64 MB.

The very first model of classic iPod which was launched by Apple was on October 23, 2001. This initial and enticing iPod was enhanced with a 5 GB hard drive which had the potential of storing 1,000 songs but in the music file format of MP3. The creation of the smart and trendy Apple iPod included sleek size, which is again enhanced with a 1.8″ hard drive, whereas its contenders were still using a 2.5″ hard drive during that time, and its user-friendly navigation process was controlled with the support of a mechanical scroll wheel, a central OK button and 4 amazing auxiliary buttons were built around the wheel to facilitate the users in easy operation. The advanced Apple iPod has been actually launched with an impeccable battery which has the capability to sustain 12 hours of operation at ease. After that Apple introduced the scintillating 10 GB model of classic iPod on the year 2002. The next generation of mind-boggling iPod Classic was launched on the year 2002. This new and latest updated version had a enhanced and reconstructed hold switch along with an extra cover to the Fire Wire port.



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