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iPhone Player From BBC is Offered To Nokia N96 September 9, 2008

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In the recent news section on BBC, the announcement has been done that BBC is being offered on Nokia N96 which is about to launch in forthcoming months, 2008. This service application developed by the BBC will allow the users to download and access wirelessly all the Radio and TV programms from past 7 days. This service is currently available on PC and TV only.

BBC iPlayer With Nokia N96 in Coming October

BBC iPlayer With Nokia N96 in Coming October

The service software will be available on the BBC official website and can be downloaded from there 1 October onwards. for the detailed news follow the news source from BBC : http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/7603606.stm


1. Darren Foster - September 9, 2008

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2. Review - September 9, 2008

These sound very good for small speakers. I did assume that it was a docking station, but i guess that is my fault for not reading the product description closely enough.

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