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LG GD900 Crystal: Fulfilling the Expectations of Everyone July 21, 2009

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There is no doubt in the fact that mobile phones are the basic needs of several people in the present scenario. That is the reason that there is a lot of competition in the mobile phone market. In this run, some electronic brands have also entered in the arena of handsets. LG is one of the big electronic brands which has launched a lot of handsets with superb features that have created a lot of craze among the users across the globe. The LG GD900 Crystal is one of the popular gadgets of LG, which has gained a widespread popularity throughout the world. Stunning looks and sophisticated features have always been the first choice of a plenty of people. The Crystal has always fulfilled the expectations of the gadget users.

LG GD900 crystal Mobile Phone

This communication gadget is a bit heavy, having 127 grams of weight and the dimensions of 105 x 52.5 x 13.5 mm. Moreover, it has TFT capacitive touchscreen, which provides the crystal clear view to the users. In addition to this, you can handle most of the the functions of the handset on the screen.This smart mobile phone is not behind any other handsets in terms of features also. One of the most attractive attributes of this device is its camera. The Crystal consists of a high-end 8 MP camera, with which, you can capture the digi-cam-like pictures. LED flash feature is also existing which allows you to take the vivid images in the dark terrains also.

LG GD900 Crystal Video Review

In the recent times, most of the youngsters like to enjoy the music or videos in the spare time or when they are feeling bore. But, what to do if you are on the move? These days, listing music and watching videos, are possible through your lightweight communication devices including the LG GD900 Crystal. This device has brilliant media player which supports the audio formats like MP3, AAC, AAC+, WMA, DivX, XviD and MPEG4 file formats. You can enjoy the unlimited entertainment on the FM radio of this gizmo. Apart from all this, this smart mobile phone has TV-out feature also, with the help of which, you can connect your device to your television and view the pictures and videos on your TV-screen.

LG GD900 Crystal Show

After capturing your memorable moments in the form of pictures or videos, most of the individuals like to share them with their friends and other loved ones. Data transfer and messaging help them in this matter. You can transfer the data with the help of Bluetooth facility, on the Bluetooth compatible devices of your near and dear ones. Bluetooth allows you to transfer data to other compatible devices in a specific range, totally free of cost. If you want to send it to your distant friends then you can do it through multimedia messaging and E-mail facilities. Additionally, SMS, EMS and Instant Messaging are the other messaging services, available in this gizmo. As a matter of the fact, the LG GD900 Crystal has everything desired by the users of today. Due to such gadgets of LG, people are getting attracted towards the devices of this brand. It can be hoped that this big mobile phone giant will launch more and more high-quality handset in the coming time.



1. chelsea robinson - August 11, 2009

this phone is amazing!!!!!!
i really want this phone!! my boyfriend is getting this on contract!!!!!!!!!

2. jimbob jones - August 12, 2009

i did not know you could get pink ones! wowwwww.

3. Yo - August 28, 2009

Wow, tremendo fono. Bye.

4. anisah - August 30, 2009


5. เชื่อค่ะ - September 12, 2009

I think it a beatiful one it was very Hi tec phone

But i don’t know why in thai it not expensive anymore

6. Joenel Umal - September 22, 2009

i like the innovative glass keypad, but the UI sucks, they should do what other phone does, just look at the N900, and Palm.

User Experience is everything.

7. phonewala - October 19, 2009

Lg has come up with Lg GD900 the latter stands out for its 8 Mega pixels Camera and especially its transparent sliding keyboard which it derives its name for. Crystal enjoys the latest technology in mobile telephony, but not necessarily exploited optimally. The phone’s design plays on transparency, with gray shades and finally pure black color which derives it to a very simple product. The finishes are more than correct, with small buttons and mechanisms of aluminum, enhancing the look a bit classy and solid.
The sliding keyboard leaves no signs of disrespect and which is very pleasing to the opening and closing. At the opening, it glows gently revealing the laser-etched keys. The effect corresponds to the same motto: clean and simple! For mroe information visit http://www.techarena.in/review/14655-lg-gd900-crystal-mobile-phone.htm

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