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TV Mobile Phones – The Future Phones August 8, 2008

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In The Latest News Reports of “ The Telegraph” – UK sports fans will be able to watch latest sports action, live Games on their TV Phones.

It’s great for all of us and not only for the UK sports fans. The news also states that the overall mobile phones ownership is going to be increase around 11% this financial year. So we can thought of this new and added innovation very enjoyable and helpful to all of us.

Eagerly Waiting for such a launch.


The World of LCD TVs : A Different Story Altogether July 8, 2008

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In this modern world, everyone wants to buy the most innovative products to have a feel of it. Due to the drastic changes in the technology field, the bulky and space-occupying televisions are replaced with LCD TVs these days.When I was looking for a high-quality yet cheap LCD TV, I l decided to go for LCD TV in different sizes on the Internet before purchasing the best for my needs. This helped me to get a better insight of the prevailing market trends and products that enabled me to fetch the best product at an affordable price. I considered the quality, flexibility, resolution, easy viewing angle, price and clarity factors.

In this modern market, so many manufacture companies are providing the best quality products to attract the buyers’ attention such as Sony, Samsung and Onida. Due to the cut throat competition in the market so many new companies have come close to the people such as Haier and Phillips. All these companies are providing a facility that we can pay money in the form of monthly installment basis. Due to this, the middle class people dream of having a LCD TV comes true.

I obviously wanted a reliable product at low price. So, I browsed on the Internet and found the smart, sleek and highly innovative television from Haier. It is the best option for my requirements able of rendering world class television viewing solutions. This attractive television is preloaded with an exemplary resolution of 1366 x 768 dpi and comes with an exceptional response time of 8ms. This affordable LCD television of Haier comes with PC input, HD component and Black stretch to name a few besides the colour temperature functionality. This power-packed television has a noise reduction feature that enables the viewers to listen to crystal clear sounds.

I would suggest everyone to be clear in his priorities before going to purchase any product. If you do that definitely you can get the better deal for yourself without seeking any type of professional advice. If you want to get the best LCD television, first you look at the LCD TVs in different sizes which are available in the present day market.

These LCD TV’s are coming with mobile phones as free gift. So if you want to get mobile phones with LCD TV absolutely free, browse some best online shops in uk.

GPS Phones : A new way of communicating July 5, 2008

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GPS Phones are the phones that symbolise the future of communication in an entirely new way. These widgets are loaded with state of art technology and very advanced features. These mobile gadgets are installed with an integrated GPS system. The full form of this GPS system is Global Positioning System. This is a very advanced feature that is very rare in the normal phones available today in market.

The GPS system installed in these GPS phones is a very futuristic technology that is a boon for the travellers. It is because these phones guide the user to find right way in case when they are travelling. These widgets come with built-in maps, these maps guide the user to reach to his destination in a right way. The most important and the biggest advantage of using these phones is that they guide the user in the most comfortable and easiest way. It is because these phones provide the user with the feature of accurate navigation. Thus this feature allows the users to operate these phones with ease. Talking about their structure and design, these phone are ultra-stylish and fashionable gadgets. But in reality these widgets are the mean gadgets who has their work cut out.

There are many companies available in market whose GPS Phones are the best in the business. Some of the models of these phones are Apple – iPhone 3G, Benefon – Twig, i-mate – JAQ4, Neo 1973, Sony Ericsson C702 and Toshiba – 908A and many others. These gadgets not only has GPS system installed in it but also at the same time provides the users with the comforts of mobile phones too at the same time. These navigation maps installed in it are easy to understand and are quite accurate. It is because these phones are directly connected to the satellites in the space and thus the information provided by them is generally very correct.

All in all, GPS Phones have all the qualities that can make it a necessity for every customers in future.

3G Apple iPhone Launching Conversation June 11, 2008

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The latest 3G iPhone from Apple is now a real picture for mobile phone users and it is being said that it is a real “Game Changes”. I have found this latest news while browsing the Articles for iPhones.According to Ralph de la Vega, president and chief executive officer of AT&T Mobility, the wireless division of San Antonio, Texas-based AT&T –

This device is a true game-changer. Why? The immediacy of the data at your fingertips is huge. Imagine, looking up anything, anywhere. It (3G iPhone) allows you to leave your computer at home. It totally and completely mobilizes your data. Before this device you weren’t really untethered, but with this you are. I think people have tried to build a $100 laptop, and here is a $200 phone that can do all that over 3G. It will have a big impact, and will be ubiquitous.

Latest 3G iPhone

According to him, this 3G phones network has high speed as wi fi networks operate. So we can say that this will be the bestever mobile computing and could be better than palmtops and laptops. For the real conversation about 3G Apple iPhone, follow the below mentioned link.


ASUS EEE PC Anounced June 7, 2008

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Asus has anounced it’s recent notebook PC “Asus Eee PC“. The first review is being published on the courtesy of http://www.notebookreview.com. The original stuff is here –

The Asus Eee PC 701 notebook was officially announced at the beginning of June at Computex Taipei. Today I met with Asus to get a close-up look at this new device and talk more about the company’s goals with it. If Asus really can pull off selling this device for $250, it could be a very tempting companion PC for on the go.

First of all, here’s a quick look at the specs the Asus Eee offers:

* Display: 7″
* Processor: Intel mobile CPU (Intel 910 chipset, 900MHz Dothan Pentium M)
* Memory: 512MB RAM
* OS: Linux (Asus customized flavor)
* Storage: 8GB or 16GB flash hard drive
* Webcam: 300K pixel video camera
* Battery life: 3 hours using 4-cell battery
* Weight: 2lbs
* Dimensions: 8.9 in x 6.5 in x 0.82 in – 1.37 in (width x depth x thickness)
* Ports: 3 USB ports, 1 VGA out, SD card reader, modem, Ethernet, headphone out, microphone in

The Asus Eee uses a Linux based OS that Asus has customized themselves. Combine a small Linux footprint OS with a flash based hard drive and what results is this speedy startup that the device has. Just because the OS is light doesn’t mean it doesn’t do much. There’s a ton of software features on board that will most definitely serve all of your basic needs. You can browse the web using FireFox, use Skype with the built-in web cam and microphone, open Word and Excel docs and edit them, view photos, listen to music files, use AOL IM, MSN messenger or just about any other major chat client via Kopete. In other words, all the basic functions you perform on a PC you can do on the Eee PC.



You already know the bootup time is fast, and I’m happy to say that not once did I ever see an hour glass (or, whatever might indicate “waiting” in this Linux OS) when opening an application. Everything was just instant.

Software and OS

The home screen is very simple and intuitive. You bootup and see the “Internet” tab where you can quickly double click on any icon there to open an application related to the Internet. Double clicking on “Web” launches FireFox for instance.

EEE PC From Asus


The keyboard is definitely small and takes some getting used to, I initially found that pecking at keys was faster than doing a normal style fast type. It’s just hard not to fat finger the wrong key or two keys at once, even if you have medium sized fingers.


The screen is no 300nit glossy display, but it’s absolutely serviceable. Brightness is perfect and coloration is decent.

:News Source

Why Apple iPhone is Most Demanding Phone ??? June 4, 2008

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The Apple iPhone 16GB looks amazing with its large touchscreen and high end features. The mobile comes preloaded with MP3 ringtones. It is supported with Bluetooth that enables wireless transfer of files. The Apple iPhone, a mobile with the latest phone features, is here to enthrall people with its magnificent looks and capabilities that supersede all old norms. The mobile is empowered with network connectivity options such as 2G. In addition, it also has GSM option and this is what makes it feasible to connect with people anywhere in the globe. Other than these two, the other connectivity options such as GPRS, EDGE, WLAN, Bluetooth and USB make the handset all the more versatile.

cheap apple iphone

Among all these, Bluetooth is a very much in demand as one can use it to send and receive files wirelessly to other nearby gadgets. The handset also rules many hearts due to an assortment of features such as a camera, a music player and a FM radio. The camera can capture still pictures and record moving images and store them for future use. The music player can also play on many of the popular formats and leave the listeners spellbound with its scintillating sound output. The FM radio is good for playing all types of programs that entertain people anywhere in the world. The handset can also entertain users with many a high definition game, which can be easily downloaded from the Internet.

latest apple iphone

The Internet option provided on the Apple iPhone is not just meant for the purposes of web surfing. It also enables emailing with attachments being sent in formats such as Word, Excel and Power Point. One can make the most of SMS service to send messages to friends. Any message received can be read due to the presence of the screen that gives 320 x 480 pixels resolution and supports 16 M colours. The ability of the mobile to capture sharp pictures becomes fruitful as the pictures can be seen on the touch sensitive screen of the mobile. The screen is also good for playing videos and games. High definition games can be stored in the 16 GB shared space. So, this space is sufficient for storing polyphonic and MP3 ringtones as well. The battery gives 250 hrs of standby time and 8 hrs of talktime.

Latest Samsung Laptops – Samsung Q45 LXD May 23, 2008

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The world is becoming tech-savvy and users opt for the products that are enriched with high-profile features, without compromising on the design of the gadget. Therefore, keeping the users’ perspective in mind, Samsung laptops offer perfect blend of style and elegance twinned with state-of-the-art technologies.

latest samsung laptops
Samsung has been in the forefront of the electronic gadgets as well as high-tech computing technologies for around 30 years. With the intuitive designing and excellent features, one can experience a great way to stay productive, especially when the he or she is on the way. One could simply say that latest Samsung laptops appeal to both professionals and personal users.The Samsung Q45 LXD, for instance, is one of the popular range that is designed keeping professional and casual users in mind. Mobility and performance coexist in this notebook PC. It is light in weight and compact in design. As a matter of fact, it weighs 1.9 kg and measures 29.9 cm in height, 21.7 mm in width and 3.6 mm in thickness. The latest Q45 LXD is smart in capabilities, as it generates a lot of interest among tech-savvy users. Furthermore, the embedded multimedia features of this notebook PC are ideal for putting it to business use.

samsung laptops
To blend with the hi-profile lifestyle of ‘next generation’ users, the latest Samsung laptops are engrossed with advanced mobility, wireless connectivity and multimedia features. These laptops are backed with innovative technologies which help the users to remain productive and efficient in a 24×7 environment.The latest notebook PC from Samsung can be used for discovering, creating and enjoying a wide variety of multimedia experiences as well. The users can listen to enthralling music, play games or watch movies on its unique models.