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Is Blackberry Bold An iPhone Killer ? September 15, 2008

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In the recent news from renowned news sources in UK, it is the topic of discussion that the Blackberry Bold is going to become an iPhone killer. According to the blackberry manufacturing canadian company RIM – The Blackberry Bold is a kind of phone which is in the reach of it’s high end users like travelling salesman, business personnels and the ordinary users. It is being treated as an point of attraction from it’s broad range of users and audiance.

As Apple iPhone is having it’s best features like Geo tagging, GPS, 3G mobile network and it’s touch screen feature which allows it’s users to get the browsing experience as they feel while browsing on the internet. It has 2 MP camera which is not so high resolution one but produces the good quality pictures and video clips. On the other hand if we talk about the Blackberry bold it is being designed with this almost entirely in mind: loading music for instance, has been made really easy – it will pull songs straight from your existing iTunes library; surfing the web is more satisfying than on other BlackBerrys, because the Bold uses the 3G mobile phone network as well as Wi-Fi to get online; and the interface has been given a makeover.

We can compare the basic features of Blackberry Bold and 3G Apple iPhone to justify that where iPhone lacks with the Bold so that it is being in the rumors that bold is going to be an iPhone Killer.

Camera and GPS
iPhone 3g:The two-megapixel camera is basic but produces images of acceptable quality. Using the built-in GPS and Google Maps to get around is easy, but the current system is not quite fast enough to support real-time turn-by-turn directions. The satnav software can “tag” a photo with the geographical coordinates where it was taken.

BlackBerry Bold: The Bold has the same two-megapixel camera as the iPhone and can also “geotag” your photographs. The GPS function is very easy to use, and you can install additional software to turn the Bold into a useful sat-nav device, capable of providing turn-by-turn directions.

iPhone 3g: The iPhone can collect emails as soon as they hit your computer inbox. Setting up a connection to my work email account took 90 seconds.

BlackBerry Bold: The full-sized keyboard means that you can type long emails comfortably, and you can open and edit documents with applications such as “Word to Go”.

Overall view
iPhone 3g: If the iPhone had the ability to edit documents on the go, it would be the perfect business device.

BlackBerry Bold:The BlackBerry Bold, quite simply, does more than the iPhone. It looks better than any of its predecessors, too, but email and professional uses are always going to be the priorities for this device.

News Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/

iPod classic: The ultimate boss July 26, 2008

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The iPod classic is a stylish and trendy portable media player which has been designed and produced by Apple Inc. Till date there are six generations of the iPod classic ,and a spin-off which was later re incorporated in the main classic genre. All these generations are enhanced with 1.8 inch hard disk drive basically for the purpose of storing. Actually the term ‘classic’ was used with the inception of the sixth-generation of iPod classic during the month of September on 2007. But before this iPod classics were simply called iPods.

The iPod classic is adorned with vibrant colour displays and uses text and graphics along with mesmerising sliding animations. Basically the iPods designed by the Apple come with incorporated five buttons, but due to the up-gradation process these buttons in the later generations have been enhanced with a click wheel design that efficiently offers a minimalist and uncluttered interface. What is more these systems are adorned with an advanced operating system which is actually stored on the dedicated storage medium. However all the models from the genre of classic iPod come with 32 MB of RAM, while the 80 and 60 GB fifth generations come with 64 MB.

The very first model of classic iPod which was launched by Apple was on October 23, 2001. This initial and enticing iPod was enhanced with a 5 GB hard drive which had the potential of storing 1,000 songs but in the music file format of MP3. The creation of the smart and trendy Apple iPod included sleek size, which is again enhanced with a 1.8″ hard drive, whereas its contenders were still using a 2.5″ hard drive during that time, and its user-friendly navigation process was controlled with the support of a mechanical scroll wheel, a central OK button and 4 amazing auxiliary buttons were built around the wheel to facilitate the users in easy operation. The advanced Apple iPod has been actually launched with an impeccable battery which has the capability to sustain 12 hours of operation at ease. After that Apple introduced the scintillating 10 GB model of classic iPod on the year 2002. The next generation of mind-boggling iPod Classic was launched on the year 2002. This new and latest updated version had a enhanced and reconstructed hold switch along with an extra cover to the Fire Wire port.

3G Apple iPhone Launching Conversation June 11, 2008

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The latest 3G iPhone from Apple is now a real picture for mobile phone users and it is being said that it is a real “Game Changes”. I have found this latest news while browsing the Articles for iPhones.According to Ralph de la Vega, president and chief executive officer of AT&T Mobility, the wireless division of San Antonio, Texas-based AT&T –

This device is a true game-changer. Why? The immediacy of the data at your fingertips is huge. Imagine, looking up anything, anywhere. It (3G iPhone) allows you to leave your computer at home. It totally and completely mobilizes your data. Before this device you weren’t really untethered, but with this you are. I think people have tried to build a $100 laptop, and here is a $200 phone that can do all that over 3G. It will have a big impact, and will be ubiquitous.

Latest 3G iPhone

According to him, this 3G phones network has high speed as wi fi networks operate. So we can say that this will be the bestever mobile computing and could be better than palmtops and laptops. For the real conversation about 3G Apple iPhone, follow the below mentioned link.


Why Apple iPhone is Most Demanding Phone ??? June 4, 2008

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The Apple iPhone 16GB looks amazing with its large touchscreen and high end features. The mobile comes preloaded with MP3 ringtones. It is supported with Bluetooth that enables wireless transfer of files. The Apple iPhone, a mobile with the latest phone features, is here to enthrall people with its magnificent looks and capabilities that supersede all old norms. The mobile is empowered with network connectivity options such as 2G. In addition, it also has GSM option and this is what makes it feasible to connect with people anywhere in the globe. Other than these two, the other connectivity options such as GPRS, EDGE, WLAN, Bluetooth and USB make the handset all the more versatile.

cheap apple iphone

Among all these, Bluetooth is a very much in demand as one can use it to send and receive files wirelessly to other nearby gadgets. The handset also rules many hearts due to an assortment of features such as a camera, a music player and a FM radio. The camera can capture still pictures and record moving images and store them for future use. The music player can also play on many of the popular formats and leave the listeners spellbound with its scintillating sound output. The FM radio is good for playing all types of programs that entertain people anywhere in the world. The handset can also entertain users with many a high definition game, which can be easily downloaded from the Internet.

latest apple iphone

The Internet option provided on the Apple iPhone is not just meant for the purposes of web surfing. It also enables emailing with attachments being sent in formats such as Word, Excel and Power Point. One can make the most of SMS service to send messages to friends. Any message received can be read due to the presence of the screen that gives 320 x 480 pixels resolution and supports 16 M colours. The ability of the mobile to capture sharp pictures becomes fruitful as the pictures can be seen on the touch sensitive screen of the mobile. The screen is also good for playing videos and games. High definition games can be stored in the 16 GB shared space. So, this space is sufficient for storing polyphonic and MP3 ringtones as well. The battery gives 250 hrs of standby time and 8 hrs of talktime.