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LG KC910 Renoir : A perfect combination of style and capability !! August 26, 2009

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The reliable brand of LG always comes up with advanced and highly upgraded mobile phones. The devices from the house, deliver excellent services with stunning looks. The LG KC910 Renoir is another masterpiece which comes with a large 3 inches 262K colour TFT touch screen having the resolution of 240 x 400 pixels. The facilities of colour wallpapers and screensavers enhance the viewing experience to a great extent. The efficient product is provided with a powerful 8 mega pixel camera having Schnieder Kreuznach lens. The Auto Fous captures precise close up shots. In addition to it, the Xenon Flash takes care of the dull surroundings and gives high-quality images even in the night time. The feature of image stasbiliser ignores all the small movements made by the user while taking a shot and provides steady pictures. The video player of the device plays back the moving clips in MPEG4 & DivX video formats. The gadget also supports the option of 3G video calling.

LG Renoir KC910

This user friendly handset from one of the big players in the field of mobile phones, LG, is rich in music features. The built in music player plays the music in MP3 & AAC formats. The FM radio allows the user to browse through different frequencies and provides an option to listen to the favourite music. The dolby sound ensures crystal clear listening experience. Moreover, the device supports MP3 and polyphonic ringtones. The LG KC910 Renoir takes care of the gaming needs and comes equipped with the embedded games along with the Java games. On top of it, the user is allowed to download many more interesting games. The effective product comes with A GPS navigation feature which gives the user best possible idea of the desired location. The added advantage of document viewer allows you to view all your important DOC, XLS and PDF files. (more…)

LG GD900 Crystal: Fulfilling the Expectations of Everyone July 21, 2009

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There is no doubt in the fact that mobile phones are the basic needs of several people in the present scenario. That is the reason that there is a lot of competition in the mobile phone market. In this run, some electronic brands have also entered in the arena of handsets. LG is one of the big electronic brands which has launched a lot of handsets with superb features that have created a lot of craze among the users across the globe. The LG GD900 Crystal is one of the popular gadgets of LG, which has gained a widespread popularity throughout the world. Stunning looks and sophisticated features have always been the first choice of a plenty of people. The Crystal has always fulfilled the expectations of the gadget users.

LG GD900 crystal Mobile Phone

This communication gadget is a bit heavy, having 127 grams of weight and the dimensions of 105 x 52.5 x 13.5 mm. Moreover, it has TFT capacitive touchscreen, which provides the crystal clear view to the users. In addition to this, you can handle most of the the functions of the handset on the screen.This smart mobile phone is not behind any other handsets in terms of features also. One of the most attractive attributes of this device is its camera. The Crystal consists of a high-end 8 MP camera, with which, you can capture the digi-cam-like pictures. LED flash feature is also existing which allows you to take the vivid images in the dark terrains also.

LG GD900 Crystal Video Review

In the recent times, most of the youngsters like to enjoy the music or videos in the spare time or when they are feeling bore. But, what to do if you are on the move? These days, listing music and watching videos, are possible through your lightweight communication devices including the LG GD900 Crystal. This device has brilliant media player which supports the audio formats like MP3, AAC, AAC+, WMA, DivX, XviD and MPEG4 file formats. You can enjoy the unlimited entertainment on the FM radio of this gizmo. Apart from all this, this smart mobile phone has TV-out feature also, with the help of which, you can connect your device to your television and view the pictures and videos on your TV-screen.

LG GD900 Crystal Show

After capturing your memorable moments in the form of pictures or videos, most of the individuals like to share them with their friends and other loved ones. Data transfer and messaging help them in this matter. You can transfer the data with the help of Bluetooth facility, on the Bluetooth compatible devices of your near and dear ones. Bluetooth allows you to transfer data to other compatible devices in a specific range, totally free of cost. If you want to send it to your distant friends then you can do it through multimedia messaging and E-mail facilities. Additionally, SMS, EMS and Instant Messaging are the other messaging services, available in this gizmo. As a matter of the fact, the LG GD900 Crystal has everything desired by the users of today. Due to such gadgets of LG, people are getting attracted towards the devices of this brand. It can be hoped that this big mobile phone giant will launch more and more high-quality handset in the coming time.

LG KC910 – Dolby Technologies and LG Launching 8MP Camera Phone August 25, 2008

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LG has tied up with Dolby Technologies to launch the 8 Mega Pixel camera phone “LG KC910”. After this launch the LG will be third industry player to enter in the higher resolution(8 Mega Pixel) camera phone range. This is well known that the LG Viewty was a successfull mobile phone from the first day of it’s launch.

Now the LG KC910 is another one which is about to produce it’s users, a great music experience along with best picture quality ever. As we all know that “Dolby Technologies” is a renowned name in the quality music production and the tie up will definitely facilitates all of us a better service.

Source: Mobiletoday

The Latest LG Phones of 2008 – Enjoy the freshness August 20, 2008

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When the year 2008 came LG had already introduced many unique and innovative mobile phones that enchanted us. As of this date the “latest” phones which are the most exciting of the lot would be the LG KF510 Touch Slider and the LG KF750 Secret. This is a phenomena, one of it’s kind the year has seen. Never-seen features make it a remarkable entity and it is quite a treat to use and handle as well. Released in July 2008, I think it should be a rage as soon as lands up in the hands of any mobile user.

Why shouldn’t the public love this marvel. It’s got so many things in it which make me go crazy and it is a guess that many more crazy fanatics are to come after me. Lets us go over some of it’s features. It’s got a 1600 x 1200 pixels camera for instance, one which is not only a fun to use, but is also extremely advanced. There are fantastic themes available and this phone is basically a touch screen type. The phone has a shared memory of 15 MB, which can be expanded up to 4 GB with the help of a microSD(TransFlash) memory card. Another major feature of this phone is that it has GPRS and Blue tooth as well. Now that is some handset. The next in the list is the fantastic flavour of LG called the LG KT 610. this is also another treasure trove. Released in may 2008 this phone has a 2G network and a 3G network. It has a QWERTY keyboard and also the microSD(Trans Flash) memory card.

The OS is a symbian operating system ver9.2. It has a 2 mega pixel camera and a GPS receiver. This one has voice command /dial system and is thus quite a wonder. These are two very good phones of 2008 and LG has done a fantastic job in creating these two eye-poppers. A must have and certainly highly desirable the 2 LG’s are both phenomenons. When I talked about this phone having a 2G network and a 3G network, I forgot to add one thing. Under the 2G network the LGKT 610 has the options of GSM 900/1800/1900 and under the 3G network it has HSDPA 2100. Well that is sure to turn many heads in the direction of this phone in any mobile outlet. Thus the latest phones of the year 2008 according to me would be these two phenomenons- the LG KS 630 and the LG KT 610.

Pink Phones: A new way of displaying love and affection July 11, 2008

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As the times have changed, so have the ways of expressing love towards your dear one. Now with the introduction of pink phones, expressing love will not be a problem. The manufacturers of mobile phones have realised this need of customers. Hence every manufacturer is trying to launch its premier mobile widget in the pink colour.

There is a general perception in the minds of people that pink colour symbolises femininity. In other words, pink coloured objects attract ladies. The mobile manufacturers have understood that and are now trying to take advantage of it. While many people treat this colour as the colour of love, therefore, whenever a person needs to show his or her love towards the opposite person, they gift them with a pink coloured object.Today in market, customers can find every mobile handset available in pink. It is because pink is favourite colour of most ladies. Handsets like Samsung SGH-A501, LG Chocolate SIM free pink coloured mobile phone and many other pink phones are available in market. It is also seen that generally most of the mobile phones of pink colours are either bought by ladies or for ladies. Thus this fact is clear enough to tell every body that pink is the colour generally opted by females.

Not only that it is another common perception that if a man would propose to a woman by gifting her a pink coloured object, chances are very less that his proposal would be turned down by the lady. However it certainly does not mean that all the ladies in this world like only pink coloured objects, but yes most of them do so. So, if you are planning to give a gift to a lady, try to know which colour she likes and if it is pink, you know what to do.

Give a new definition to your phone calls with LG KF510 July 1, 2008

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This phone by LG holds highly fashionable and elegant looks. The LG KF510 has world class mobile features. It is a well designed and durable phone. This tri-band GSM-enabled mobile phone is user friendly phone. It has all the functions and features one can ask for. I purchased this phone a couple of months back and now I am really happy with my decision. It has a sleek body weighing only 91 grams.
LG KF510
The dimensions of the mobile gadget are 104.5 x 49.5 x 10.9 mm. The best feature is that it has a touch sensitive navigation panel with hepatics. This equipment uses Standard Li-Ion 800 mAh battery (LGIP-410A). This phone has an amazing talktime of 240 minutes and it delivers the standby time of upto 400 hours. It is available in two pleasant colour options–Stardust Dark Grey and Sunset Red. It supports Polyphonic as well as MP3 ring tones.The LG KF510 has many advanced features. The Bluetooth version v2.0 is one of them. It makes data sharing easier and faster. It also has a USB connectivity option which will help you connecting your phone to the computer and transferring files.

LG KF 510 Model Show

It has class 10 GPRS and class 10 EDGE with 236.8kbps speed. You can listen to great music with the MP3 player and FM radio through this phone.
You can capture those unforgettable moments with the help of 3.2 mega pixels camera built-in the LG KF510 phone. This lightweight and slim LG mobile phone is equipped with 2.2 inches large TFT display screen and 256K colours. The screen resolution is 240 x 320 pixels. This gadget has the internal memory of 16 mega bytes and a slot for expandable micro SD memory card.
This phone by LG actually makes a style statement and is appealing to the customers’ eyes. I am sure all the people who buy this phone will be totally satisfied with it.