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iPhone Will Equipped With Google Latitude July 24, 2009

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Referring the news source at ‘http://justanotheriphoneblog.com/wordpress/” , now iPhone will be equipped with Google’s Location based social networking application latitude. There are some threats to install this application on mobile iPhone because Apple does not allow any third party application to run in the background as Windows Mobile, Android and Blackberry allows.

Google Lattitude For iPhone

To update our location on iPhone, we have to follow some easy steps:

1) Install Mobile safari on iPhone

2) navigate to www.google.com/latitude

3) Allow Safari to access my location information

On the iPhone platform, Google Latitude is one of those features that’s kind of fun to play with for a few minutes, before being relegated to the less-than-useful category. Until Google and Apple come up with a way to enable automatic and behind-the-scenes location updates, I just don’t see this service taking off and being very useful.

My hope is that Google will eventually add the Latitude functionality into the existing native Maps app, so we don’t have to use two different apps for very similar functionality. Perhaps at that time, with a more tightly-integrated solution, Google Latitude will be more useful.

Source: http://justanotheriphoneblog.com/wordpress/

Sony Ericsson K770i Pink Released With Vodafone – news.ecoustics.com September 16, 2008

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By the news source of Ecoustics.com’s latest press release –

Sony Ericsson have now released a new colour scheme of their 3G enabled K770i, the new Sony K770i Pink has been launched on the Vodafone network in the UK and is available on the full range of Vodafone tariffs.

The pink Sony Ericsson K770i offers exactly the same feature set as the other colours in the series which now includes, Black, Brown, Ivory, Purple and Silver, the new pink edition simply exchanges the outer casing for a new female orientated pink finish.

The new Sony K770i pink is unfortunately a network exclusive for Vodafone, this means that consumers will only be able to connect the handset to that one network during the limited time launch period before the other network operators start to recieve stock.

Is Blackberry Bold An iPhone Killer ? September 15, 2008

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In the recent news from renowned news sources in UK, it is the topic of discussion that the Blackberry Bold is going to become an iPhone killer. According to the blackberry manufacturing canadian company RIM – The Blackberry Bold is a kind of phone which is in the reach of it’s high end users like travelling salesman, business personnels and the ordinary users. It is being treated as an point of attraction from it’s broad range of users and audiance.

As Apple iPhone is having it’s best features like Geo tagging, GPS, 3G mobile network and it’s touch screen feature which allows it’s users to get the browsing experience as they feel while browsing on the internet. It has 2 MP camera which is not so high resolution one but produces the good quality pictures and video clips. On the other hand if we talk about the Blackberry bold it is being designed with this almost entirely in mind: loading music for instance, has been made really easy – it will pull songs straight from your existing iTunes library; surfing the web is more satisfying than on other BlackBerrys, because the Bold uses the 3G mobile phone network as well as Wi-Fi to get online; and the interface has been given a makeover.

We can compare the basic features of Blackberry Bold and 3G Apple iPhone to justify that where iPhone lacks with the Bold so that it is being in the rumors that bold is going to be an iPhone Killer.

Camera and GPS
iPhone 3g:The two-megapixel camera is basic but produces images of acceptable quality. Using the built-in GPS and Google Maps to get around is easy, but the current system is not quite fast enough to support real-time turn-by-turn directions. The satnav software can “tag” a photo with the geographical coordinates where it was taken.

BlackBerry Bold: The Bold has the same two-megapixel camera as the iPhone and can also “geotag” your photographs. The GPS function is very easy to use, and you can install additional software to turn the Bold into a useful sat-nav device, capable of providing turn-by-turn directions.

iPhone 3g: The iPhone can collect emails as soon as they hit your computer inbox. Setting up a connection to my work email account took 90 seconds.

BlackBerry Bold: The full-sized keyboard means that you can type long emails comfortably, and you can open and edit documents with applications such as “Word to Go”.

Overall view
iPhone 3g: If the iPhone had the ability to edit documents on the go, it would be the perfect business device.

BlackBerry Bold:The BlackBerry Bold, quite simply, does more than the iPhone. It looks better than any of its predecessors, too, but email and professional uses are always going to be the priorities for this device.

News Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/

Latest News From Mobile Phone Industry September 12, 2008

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After Google’s emergence into mobile phone market by introducing the universal plateform for all mobile phones “Android” , Yahoo is also on the same footsteps. A recent IT Show in San Francisco – The “CTIA Entertainment & IT cellular show” by an internet company that they are on the verge of a successful expansion to mobile phones, a social communication service for iPhone and expanded development plateform for developers.

In the own words of Executive Vice President Yahoo’s connected life division Marco Boerries – We want to create and enable a mobile ecosystem for billions of users .

Boerries said its oneConnect service, a social address service that marries a cell phone contacts list with social networks, is premiering on the iPhone and iPod Touch. The service, which is available now in the Apple App Store

This service which is being under development of Yahoo, will allow users to get all their friends contacts into a single application and they all can get their favourit social media applications like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and Bebo at a single point of time. This will also facilitate the mobile phone users that they can do instant messaging, emails and can make phone calls from their single device. This application is available for iPhones right now.

Yahoo’s moves are intended to keep pace with and exceed archrival Google. Google is developing its own mobile operating system called Android, which make its first appearance later this year with T-Mobile.

News Source: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2008/09/10/BU3812RL9A.DTL&type=tech

iPhone Player From BBC is Offered To Nokia N96 September 9, 2008

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In the recent news section on BBC, the announcement has been done that BBC is being offered on Nokia N96 which is about to launch in forthcoming months, 2008. This service application developed by the BBC will allow the users to download and access wirelessly all the Radio and TV programms from past 7 days. This service is currently available on PC and TV only.

BBC iPlayer With Nokia N96 in Coming October

BBC iPlayer With Nokia N96 in Coming October

The service software will be available on the BBC official website and can be downloaded from there 1 October onwards. for the detailed news follow the news source from BBC : http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/7603606.stm

Is Samsung Instinct is A Virtual iPhone ? September 9, 2008

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Samsung has it’s new member called Samsung Instinct. This is a bit clone of Apple iPhone with 3G access. It is also stated that it’s 3G access is 5 times faster than the 3G apple iphone. It has some extended features like Visual Voicemail, TV functionality and full web browser access. It’s GPS is also far better than the Apple iPhone.

Samsung Instinct is differ from iPhone somewhat in expandable memory, voice recognition functionalities. It has a solid touch screen and the marvlous voice command recognition. So it’s not yet predicted that which one will be the winner but the going on competition will definetely prove the fact.

Release Of Blackberry Bold – The Latest 3G Smart Phone September 8, 2008

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Finally another smart blackberry mobile phone is in the market – “The Blackberry Bold”. Itis fully pronounced as Blackberry Bold 9000. It’s a phone targeting the power users and business professionals. Some of the features and specifications are here to specify the most prominent functionalities that why users should migrate from their current handsets.

It’s Screen size is of 480×320 with amazing pixel density. The BlackBerry Bold smartphone’s support for tri-band HSDPA and enterprise-grade Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g) networks and its next-generation 624 MHz mobile processor make short work of downloading email attachments, streaming video or rendering web pages.

As the Blackberry Bold is a 3G phone so it has a fast data download, browsing capacity and faster data transfer also. Other best features of it are 2 megapixel camera with video recording capability, built-in flash and 5x digital zoom.Through it’s power packed GPS and wi-Fi functionalities, it can pinpoint its exact location,supporting applications like BlackBerry(R) Maps and other location-based applications or services.