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Nokia 6300 : Specifications and Reviews July 18, 2008

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Nokia is a leading mobile phone giant from Finland. It has always satisfied the customers with the amazing quality of mobile phones with latest and advanced applications. The main aim of the company is to deliver high quality performance with affordable handsets. The phones always have user-friendly features which enable easy usage of these devices. Nokia has a wide range of phones to suit all kinds of needs and personalities. It is also more affordable than its major competitors. The company is completely devoted to fulfil all the requirements of the people and give good services. The nokia phones always have a good battery back-up with massive storage capacities. They are designed in such a way which leaves an impression and make a loyal customer towards the brand.

Nokia is one very reputed brand name in the mobile phones industry. All the phones by this company are extremely power packed with all necessary features. This article is a discussion on the new Nokia 6300.

The exquisitely designed and highly sophisticated Nokia 6300 is a 2G GSM-enabled mobile phone that truly defines a “smart mobile phone”. This is a power-packed mobile phone with innumerate and necessary features. This is one of the best-selling mobile gadgets from Nokia, which is unarguably one of the most reliable and trusted names in the world of mobile phones. The phone has an elegant and sophisticated looks to enhance the personality of the users.

The Nokia 6300 is a pocket friendly phone and has the dimensions 106.4 x 43.6 x 11.7 mm and the light weight of 91 grams only. The TFT display screen measures 31 x 41 mm with 16M colours and the resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. This phone supports both Polyphonic as well as MP3 ring tones. The phone has a user-friendly interface. This gadget has a metal finish back cover giving it a touch of professionalism. This phone gives a whole new experience of using a mobile phone to the customer.The phone will not let down the fans of this brand. This sleek phone helps the user having fast and easy Internet browsing and has access to their e-mails with this gadget. The phone has class 10 GPRS and class 10 EDGE with the speed of 32 kbps and 236.8 kbps respectively. This handset has v2.0 Bluetooth and USB as well. So now the users can easily transfer and share files and documents with friends and family. The files can be easily transferred from the computer to the phone and vice-versa.

The Nokia 6300 has 2 megapixels camera which captures high quality and grainless images. It has a resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels which is the highest among its competitors. The user can effortlessly capture the joyous and happy moments of life and treasure them for life. It is designed in such a way which becomes totally comfortable for the user. It has a wide screen and comfortably large keys for easy navigation. The phone comes in elegant colours like Silver, Black, Red-Silver and White-Silver. This gives great choice to the customers.

The phone comes with a free user memory of 7.8 MB with an option to expand the memory. The memory can be expanded up to 2 GB. This memory is enough to store sufficient number of files and documents. The phone has an MP3 player and FM stereo radio to have a good experience of listening to music. With the massive memory available a lot of music files and images can also be stored.The Nokia 6300 uses the reliable Standard battery, Li-Ion 860 mAh (BL-4C). This gives a dependable battery backup of upto 210 minutes of continuous talktime and upto 348 hours of standby which is very unlikely in phones racing for the top position and in the fray.

Nokia 6300 – The Splendid Mobile Phone April 7, 2008

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The Nokia 6300 is one of the best phones ever launched by Nokia. It attracted a lot of clientele since its launch. The phone is very sleek and weighs very light. Made in a compact design, this handset works on 2G networks.The Nokia 6300 has a TFT display that supports 16M colours and gives a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. It is also possible to download wallpapers and screen savers and then store them on the screen of this handset. Downloaded wallpapers give a very decent look to the device. As far as downloading is concerned, ring tones, pictures and videos can also be downloaded and stored in the memory of the Nokia 6300. The WAP browser actually helps to surf the net and once an item is found on a website, it can then easily be downloaded as well.

nokia 6300

There are also numerous other reasons for this phone to become people’s favourite. There is a 2 MP camera that gives pictures with a resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels. This camera also has the capability of video recording. Moreover, the recorded videos and captured pictures can later be shared with other secondary device such as a laptop or digital camera with the aid of Bluetooth connectivity. The 6300 is also equipped with a music player that can play songs on formats such as MP3, MP4, AAC, AAC+ and eAAC+. There is also an FM radio that brings entertainment in the form of musical programs, cricket commentary and news. So, the user of this mobile remains updated with latest developments around the world. Sending and receiving messages such as SMS, MMS and Instant Messages are easy with this phone. The mobile comes loaded with other features such as voice Memo, calendar, calculator and has built-in handsfree.

The memory of Nokia 6300 is 7.8 MB and so it can store 1000 phone entries very easily. Picture files, video files, ringtones and wallpapers can also be accommodated in this memory. The battery of the handset gives a standby time of 348 hr and a talktime of 3 hr 30 min. So, the user can use this mobile for long hours by charging it once only.

Nokia 6300 – Video Review February 4, 2008

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This Is the Video Review of Nokia 6300 from You Tube .

Nokia 6300 : sleek and sophisticated February 4, 2008

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The Nokia 6300 is yet another wonderful phone from Nokia that redefines the looks and technology to offer you an enviable style with its amazing design and utility.

Nokia is considered as one of the most desirable and reliable brands across the globe. Mobile users worldwide trust Nokia for its durability and brilliant services. Every product from Nokia is manufactured with great efficacy and care. The Nokia 6300 is anunparallelled piece of advanced technology.

The 6300 comes with advanced features like a WAP browser, advanced music player, Java enabled games etc. The phone comes with the impeccable Bluetooth feature which gives you convenience to share photographs, videos etc with others over the wireless network. The various accessories like headsets etc can be used without any mess. The Bluetooth feature helps you to connect to your personal computer and printers etc. The WAP browser gives you facility to accessXHTML sites on the mobile phone.


The integrated music player that plays music with MP3, H264, MP4, H263 and AAC+ etc file formats gives you the most sizzling and wonderful music experience. The video playback facility helps you to watch your favourite videos andenthral with music. With the multimedia messaging facility you can send lovely messages that contain text, videos, images and audio to your dear ones.

The 6300 nokia mobile phone helps you make that perfect style statement with its wonderful looks. The phone comes in the wonderful elegant steel casing with a fashionable curvaceous design. The phone looks absolutely awesome with its attractive candy bar form factor. The 6300 is truly sleek and slim and measures only 106.4 x 43.5 x 11.7millimetres . This light weight wonder weighs mere 91 grams.

This amazing handset comes with a highly advanced 2 mega pixel camera which offers you the best video shooting and still photography. The best images and best shots, astounding videos is just what you will get from this amazing camera phone. The 2 inches large screen is efficient enough to display your videos and photographs with amazing clarity and in the most vivid shades with the 16.7 million colours. The phone supports over 64 polyphonic ringtones , so now your phone will always buzz in style .

The Nokia 6300 is simply an incredible phone which will scintillate you with its wonderful performance.

Nokia 6300 Mobile Phone – Life is Going to be Musical February 2, 2008

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Nokia is the name of a trusted brand which is serving the users over a couple of decades. Nokia has launched some latest mobile phones with wonderful features which have given a new way to life and made mobile phones not just a device that could be used in talking to others but now mobile phones are the synonym of “Entertainment”. Nokia has taken a step ahead by launching the Nokia 6300 which is quite a great mobile phone. I am reffering a post from Mobildom Blog for your further information apart from my own.

Looks, advanced connectivity and multimedia features of the 6300 by Nokia attracted me on the first sight. The phone is a mid-ranged mobile phone with innovative designing and high-performance features. The slim and stylish phone is easy to carry. It is loaded with a powerful high-resolution camera alongwith many other exciting features like an in-built MP3 player and FM radio, Bluetooth, high-end connectivity and email capabilities.

The Nokia 6300 is designed using stainless with glossy finish. This gives a robust feeling and an executive look. The 2 megapixel camera, MP3 playback, FM radio, preloaded Java games and multimedia messaging allowed me to take multimedia functions into consideration. The MP3 player breaks the silence of boredom as it can be played on various music files like WMA, AAC, AAC+ and eAAC. For more music, the phone supports Visual FM radio. The camera in the phone has made me to capture every memorable moment. Moreover, I can capture, store, send and share photos from the mobile handset. The built in Bluetooth® technology provides a wireless connectivity option on a mobile phone which is compatible with other Bluetooth® devices. The 6300 comes with a USB connection which can connect to any USB compatible device.

With the full battery charged, it allows happy hour talking for 3.5 hours with up to 264 hours of standby battery time. Talking from a purely stylistic point of view, the 6300 has a very sleek and attractive design which allows me to flaunt it off to my friends and family. It certainly comes as a welcome relief to those who don’t want a heavy handset but need the facilities of one. I would certainly recommend the 6300 to all my friends as it is clearly the best gadget in town right now.