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Nokia N85: An amazing 3G Gadget For Users August 26, 2009

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Nokia is a very famous brand. Almost every person is aware of it, because of the impressive and reliable gadgets launched by this team. Same is the case with the Nokia N85. This impressive gadget comes with fast technologies and user friendly features that are easy to operate. The impressive gadget supports a dual opening slides mechanism. The device is blessed with a proper shape and size that enables an individual to handle it easily. Coming to the dimensions, these are 16mm deep, 50mm wide by 103mm tall.It weighs around 128 grams. The device is available with a Navi wheel control along with a slide out keypad. It is blessed with a large QVGA screen which is 2.6 inches in size and displays up to 16.7 million colours. Apart from this, it supports a light detector and a brightness control which permit the owners to view the screen even in darker conditions.

Nokia N85 Mobile

The Nokia N85 is extremely beautiful which makes it visible even in a big crowd. It is having a good capacity of memory as well. This highly capable gadget is equipped with 74 megabytes of memory. Other than this, it is provided with a microSD card that offers the option of extending the memory further.This highly capable gadget comes with HSDPA technology. This technology assists the users to enjoy the world wide roaming facility. They can stay connected to their family members during roaming also. It also works on the EDGE technology that assists in the fast transfer of data.

The impressive device is loaded with the facility of text messaging service, multimedia service as well as email services. The device is loaded with a five mega pixel camera that comes along with a CMOS sensor and a 20x digital zoom function. The camera supports auto focus function that assists in taking a well focused photograph. The camera comes along with a focus length of 5.45mm. It also comprises of flash feature that enables the users to take photos even in duller situations. The Nokia N85 supports a dedicated camera key. The camera is equipped with Carl Zeiss optics and a Tessar lens. This wonderful gadget comes along with the facility of built-in stereo FM radio with RDS feature. (more…)

Nokia E63: The Latest Nokia E Series Master Piece June 18, 2009

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Undoubtedly, Nokia is the leading brand in the mobile phone market. The models of this big brand have gained a widespread popularity across the globe. Nokia is always known for the sophisticated features and easy to use functionality of its models. Apart from these specialities, this mobile phone giant has launched various gadgets which attract the users for their stylist looks also. The Nokia E63 is one such widget which really looks stunning. Although, the handset comes with the choices of three different colours which are ultramarine Blue, ruby red and black colours, but, the ruby red colour has gained a wide attention of the users. Beautiful QWERTY keyboard enhances its beauty. QWERTY is one of the special features in this handset which enables the users to type the messages and emails in a very high speed as compared to the numeric keypad.

Nokia E63 mobile Phone Review

Besides stylist looks, the E63 has most of the features which are considered by the users before purchasing any handset. Entertainment feature is supposed to be necessary in the present days latest mobile phones. One can get entertained with the help of this gadget, while he or she is on the move with its entertainment features. The music player of the handset supports the popular file formats such as MP3,MPEG 4 and AAC file formats. Moreover, FM radio and visual radio can also be enjoyed on this widget. And, if you like to play games, then you can download the frolics on the E63 and play them any time. (more…)

Another Nokia N Series Revealed – Nokia N85 August 27, 2008

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And Now another Nokia N series phone reveled by Nokia, The Nokia N85. The features are as usual with similar with other n series phones like N-Gage Gaming, Built in FM, 5 Megapixel camera and the best part is 2.6 inch screen display.The launch is being expected in october 2008.

In The own words, Nokia N Series Director Juha-Pekka Sipponen said: ‘The Nokia N85 was created to be more than the sum of its parts, offering a complete mobile entertainment package designed for connecting, sharing and discovering.

With high end multimedia features, the Nokia N85 is taking the world of mobile convergence to the next level. Photos, navigation, gaming and music bound together with the latest third-party services via 3.5G HSDPA and Wi-Fi connectivity to make discovering and sharing experiences quick and seamless.

The Gaming feature:

The Nokia N85 is pre-loaded with at least 10 made-for-mobile N-Gage gaming titles that jump off of the screen thanks to the dazzling OLED display and a voucher to activate one full game licence. Dedicated gaming keys light up when the device is in landscape gaming mode to further enhance the action-packed experience.

The camera of N85:

Nokia N85 has a sharp state of the art 5 MP camera with dual LED Flash and Carl Zeiss Optics to capture images of good quality and clear with 30 frames/Sec DVD quality Videos. User can geotag the photographs taken and this will facilitate them that where they have taken the pictures with the help of Nokia Maps.

The Storage Space:

Nokia N85 initially comes up with 8GB microSD card memory and the long time music playback(almost 30 hours). The Nokia Music store gives facility to customize the personal music collection from a huge 2.5 million tracks and the users can go online to other music store vendors and add up their own one’s.

Other Multimedia Functions:

The wireless earphone and connectivity to other bluetooth devices can make free it’s users to manage all the creepy wires around their head. Built in FM radio can be fine tuned and it can be tuned through it’s internet facility.

So concluding the Nokia N85 n series specs, i want to say that at the release of Nokia N85, it will be a best gadget bundled with amazing music features and better camera, picture qualities.

Nokia 6500 Classic : A Perfect Choice August 14, 2008

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Every one knows that the mobile phone is playing a prominent role in the communication field as it comes with the flexibility of taking it away with us.

As I am running a mobile store, I can easily say that the mobile phones from Nokia are alluring the mobile users with their endless features, stylish looks and come with unparalleled navigational ease. When my brother asked me to suggest the best mobile phone at a reasonable price, I suggested the Nokia 6500 Classic mobile phone as it comes with smart looks and multi-purpose features and is available at an affordable price in the market. This stylish mobile phone is well-known for its durability, flexibility and functionality. It has dimensions of 109.8 x 45 x 9.5 mm, 47 cc and comes in a lightweight of 94 grams that offers great flexibility to its users in handling it in their palms. The 2.0 mega pixels camera of this mobile phone comes with a resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels along with video(QCIF), flash and Seamless case of anodized aluminium. This camera allows its users to take the images of their near and dear ones.

The Nokia 6500 Classic mobile phone has a standard battery of Li-Ion 830 mAh (BL-6P) that offers an approximate standby and talktime of 300 and 5 hours 30 minutes, respectively. It allows its users to stay connected with their family members for a long time, when they are away from home. To enjoy by listening favourite music, it comes with MP3/AAC/AAC+ player that offers crystal clear sounds to its users. To share text and picture messages as well as sending mails to your near and dear ones, this handset comes with messaging options like SMS, MMS, Email and Instant Messaging. For data transmission, it is preloaded with the most advanced features like class 32 GRPS, class 32 EDGE, HSCSD, 3G-384 kbps, Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP, USB and microUSB besides the WAP 2.0/xHTML browser that offers high-speed Internet connectivity. The 1 GB internal user memory of this phone allows its users to download their favourite music. Definitely, the Nokia 6500 Classic phone is a perfect choice for the beginners as well as an expert mobile users.

The Nokia N81: Entertainment Redefined August 2, 2008

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If you are in search of a true gadget which keeps you engaged as well as exceeds your expectations in terms of urbane features, your search ends at the consummate Nokia N81; a true delight for music freaks and an exceptional gadget to set your pulse racing with unique games and multimedia menu. On delving deep into its specifications, I found myself in awe of its world-class features. I couldn’t hide the ecstasy it gave while exploring it. With a massive storage space of 8 GB you can carry your world along! This means that you need not worry about running out of memory space while storing applications, programs and audio-video files even for a single minute; also, the frequent hassles faced by the mobile users while navigating through their phones is absent with this stylish extravaganza.

Powered by the power-packed Symbian Operating System, it leaves no scope of a chink in its armour. The Nokia N81 demonstrates the new N-Gage platform for an unsurpassed gaming experience. It has dedicated gaming keys on the top of the keypad making it a game-whiz device. All set to beat the boredom?

You think you are struck with music-mania? The good old Nokia N81 can be a relief. Armed with 3.5 mm audio jack, MP3/AAC/MPEG4 player and Stereo FM Radio, it’s a complete music package. Trust me, it instantly set me in a mood to boogie!

The star-like look is a sure show-stopper. But it doesn’t even lag behind anyone when it comes to calibre. 8 GB internal flash memory, 96 MB SDRAM memory and ARM 11 369 MHz processor equips the phone to stand against any of the next generation nokia mobile phones. The Nokia N81 has a lot more exciting aspects to it, which is the reason of a huge fan follow-up. So, go ahead! Honestly, you can never get enough of it.

Nokia N95 Sport: Delights the next generation users July 24, 2008

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The Nokia N95 Sport is an absolute masterpiece by Nokia. Nokia is one of the top-notch mobile manufacturer and it is hailed by many as one of the most trusted names when we talk about user-friendly and affordable mobile phones. It has recently launched the N95 Sport mobile phone and received appreciation from the masses. This phone is the latest addition to the family of N-series. The Nokia N95 sport is empowered with advanced mobile telephony features, high-speed web browsing, video streaming and music downloads. While, using this phone for couple of days, I can say that, it is not just meant for communication purpose alone but its role also extends to entertainment and advanced business applications.

This phone delights every mobile user with its amazing looks, smart features and high-end functionaliies. The 5.0 mega pixels camera for instance, can be used for capturing images and record the video clips, which was impossible with my previous “basic” range handset. With the help of 3G features, the users can participate in video calls, stream and edit the videos. The advanced features such as a digital zoom, flash and an auto focus delivers perfect images.The advanced mobile features such as GPS and music player are incorporated in this handset. The GPS depicts the maps of various places, where you are going. It helps you to reach any unknown place without any hassle. Therefore, with this phone, the users will never get lost. The music player of this phone promises crystal-clear audio solutions. The player supports various playback of popular music formats such as MP3/AAC/AAC+/eAAC+/WMA.

This 3G enabled phone comes with massive internal memory of 160 MB. With the help of the memory expansion i.e.MicroSD memory card, the users can expand the memory by up to 4 GB. Therefore, without worrying much about the storage requirement, I stored the latest songs, some interesting images and videos. With this phone, one will never fall short of memory space.The N95 Sport is constantly receiving wide acclaims from its worldwide users and even the market critics. So, if you are really looking for a performance-oriented mobile phone then nothing better than the Nokia N95 Sports.

Nokia 6300 : Specifications and Reviews July 18, 2008

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Nokia is a leading mobile phone giant from Finland. It has always satisfied the customers with the amazing quality of mobile phones with latest and advanced applications. The main aim of the company is to deliver high quality performance with affordable handsets. The phones always have user-friendly features which enable easy usage of these devices. Nokia has a wide range of phones to suit all kinds of needs and personalities. It is also more affordable than its major competitors. The company is completely devoted to fulfil all the requirements of the people and give good services. The nokia phones always have a good battery back-up with massive storage capacities. They are designed in such a way which leaves an impression and make a loyal customer towards the brand.

Nokia is one very reputed brand name in the mobile phones industry. All the phones by this company are extremely power packed with all necessary features. This article is a discussion on the new Nokia 6300.

The exquisitely designed and highly sophisticated Nokia 6300 is a 2G GSM-enabled mobile phone that truly defines a “smart mobile phone”. This is a power-packed mobile phone with innumerate and necessary features. This is one of the best-selling mobile gadgets from Nokia, which is unarguably one of the most reliable and trusted names in the world of mobile phones. The phone has an elegant and sophisticated looks to enhance the personality of the users.

The Nokia 6300 is a pocket friendly phone and has the dimensions 106.4 x 43.6 x 11.7 mm and the light weight of 91 grams only. The TFT display screen measures 31 x 41 mm with 16M colours and the resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. This phone supports both Polyphonic as well as MP3 ring tones. The phone has a user-friendly interface. This gadget has a metal finish back cover giving it a touch of professionalism. This phone gives a whole new experience of using a mobile phone to the customer.The phone will not let down the fans of this brand. This sleek phone helps the user having fast and easy Internet browsing and has access to their e-mails with this gadget. The phone has class 10 GPRS and class 10 EDGE with the speed of 32 kbps and 236.8 kbps respectively. This handset has v2.0 Bluetooth and USB as well. So now the users can easily transfer and share files and documents with friends and family. The files can be easily transferred from the computer to the phone and vice-versa.

The Nokia 6300 has 2 megapixels camera which captures high quality and grainless images. It has a resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels which is the highest among its competitors. The user can effortlessly capture the joyous and happy moments of life and treasure them for life. It is designed in such a way which becomes totally comfortable for the user. It has a wide screen and comfortably large keys for easy navigation. The phone comes in elegant colours like Silver, Black, Red-Silver and White-Silver. This gives great choice to the customers.

The phone comes with a free user memory of 7.8 MB with an option to expand the memory. The memory can be expanded up to 2 GB. This memory is enough to store sufficient number of files and documents. The phone has an MP3 player and FM stereo radio to have a good experience of listening to music. With the massive memory available a lot of music files and images can also be stored.The Nokia 6300 uses the reliable Standard battery, Li-Ion 860 mAh (BL-4C). This gives a dependable battery backup of upto 210 minutes of continuous talktime and upto 348 hours of standby which is very unlikely in phones racing for the top position and in the fray.